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3D HairStrokes/Combo Brows

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D Hairstrokes?

3D Hairstrokes, also referred to as microblading, is a permanent makeup technique performed to draw small hair like microstrokes by hand with a blade of tiny needles.  3D Hairstrokes adds volume and texture to shape the perfect brow.

What else should I know about microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. As a result, fading of the pigment will occur overtime. Recommended touch up timeframe is 6-8 months.

After the procedure, brows will be dark but will lighten 40-50% in the healing process.

3D hairstrokes is ideal for clients with a moderate amount of brow hair as the existing hair allows the strokes to blend and look more natural.

What are Combo Brows?

Combo Brows offers the best of both worlds, combining 3D Hairstrokes with Microshading stating towards the middle to the end of the brow. All strokes and shading are performed manually opposed to using a permanent makeup tattoo pen.

What are Ombré powder brows?

Ombré Powder Brows is a microshading technique where brow pigment is deposited on the surface of your skin to create a defined, perfectly shaped brow. The color gets slightly darker as it reaches the tail of the brow creating an ombré effect. Ombré Powder brows are perfect if you want the look of a filled in brow without the daily effort of reaching for that angled brush and brow gel.

What else should I know about microshading?

Microshlading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. As a result, fading of the pigment will occur overtime. Recommended touch up timeframe is 12-14 months.

Microshading techniques can either be done manually (Combo Brows) or with a permanent makeup tattoo pen (Powder and Ombre Brows). After the procedure, brows will be dark but will lighten 20-30% in the healing process.

Microshading is a great option for clients with little to no brow hair.

How long does it take?

The procedures can take anywhere from a total of 1 to 2 hours from the time you enter until you leave out the door with the brows you’ve dreamed about.

Does it hurt?

The level of sensation varies per individual. Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) will be applied to the client’s skin.

During the procedure, clients will feel pressure on the eyebrow, which is normal.

Is there a risk of keloids?

Keloids are not common with eyebrow tattoos since there isn’t enough trauma to the skin for forming of keloids.

What can I expect for the healing process?

Following 1 hour after your completed service, scabbing begins to occur. This is a normal part of the healing process. For optimal results, do not touch, manipulate, or apply products to brows. Dry healing (no oils) is best and results in a better healing process. Complete aftercare instructions available on aftercare.

Is this permanent? How long does this last?

Microblading/Microshading is semi permanent and typically results can last between 1-3 years. Some fading will occur over time and varies from client to client based on age, skin type (normal, oily, dry), lifestyle, and starting color.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Non-laser tattoo removal is available for clients who have an existing eyebrow tattoo that they would like to remove. Depending on the vibrancy of the pigment, multiple sessions may be needed. After each removal session skin must heal before the next session. Healing times is typically 4-6 weeks.

3D Hair Strokes/Combo Eyebrows Aftercare

For 7-10 days following application of semi-permanent cosmetics:


  • Do NOT touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create an infection.
  • During the first 48 hours, I ask that the client do NOT do anything to the eyebrows. Leave them completely alone to allow cuts to close. NO washing or oil during this time!
  • You will experience some dryness and scabbing, which is normal. DO NOT PICK OR PEEL!
  • NO makeup on brows, tinting of brows, sun, soap, sauna, steam, exercise, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the ocean for 7-10 days (until area is completely healed) post procedure and after all touch-ups.
  • Do NOT rub or traumatize the procedure area while it is healing, pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue.
  • NO Neosporin, A&D Ointment, Vaseline or Aquaphor
  • Understand that everyone’s skin is completely different. Your skin may reject the ink in certain places requiring you to get a touch up appointment after brows have fully healed. This is an additional cost based on the timeframe below. Additional touch ups after initial procedure may be required to fully lock in pigment to certain areas of brows.
  • NO washing of the brows during the whole healing period of 7-10 days



  • Apply oil over your brow area 1 time a day after the 48 hours are up to help with scabbing. There are many suitable natural oils that are suggested:
    • Grape Seed Oil
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • Jojoba Oil
    • Coconut Oil – absorbs into the skin without build up



  • Your aftercare is very simple you are going to leave your brows alone for the next 7-10 days.  NO washing, NO touching, NO picking or pulling of dryness or scabs, and NO applying of oils. Let everything heal on it’s own.


Following aftercare instructions will yield the best results possible and increase longevity of the pigment. ENJOY YOUR NEW BROWS!!!